1.what is inheritance?

-inheritance is one of the oops concepts in java.inheritance is concept of getting properties of one class object to another class object.
-Inheritance represents the IS-A relationship,also known as parent-child relationship.

2.what are the types of inheritance?

1.Multiple inheritance( java doesn’t support multiple inheritance).
2.Multilevel inheritance.

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Some people may say: My job is creating forms in WordPress, why would I learn things that have no direct connection to my job and that I won’t ever need in real life. And my answer is that if you don’t learn them, then making those WordPress forms will be your job for your entire life.

General programming awareness

Understanding the “big O notation”, what it means and why it matters
Array data structures as they are defined, not as they are implemented in PHP. How is the n-th element of an array accessed in memory.
At least one other fundamental data structure (linked list, queue, stack)
Being able to implement at least one O(NlogN) sorting algorithm
Understanding recursion. This really goes without saying

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When a function having same name with different arguments it is called Function Overloading.

class calculate{
function add($a,$b){
return $a+$b;
function add($a,$b,$c){
return $a+$b+$c;
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Abstraction and Encapsulation are two important Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) concepts. Encapsulation and Abstraction both are interrelated terms.

Real Life Difference Between Encapsulation and Abstraction

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