Creating a responsive web design takes a lot skill. It’s not just about making the content fit a smaller window. It’s about delivering a solid user experience to a growing number of web enabled devices.When end users reach your website, it is very important that they can identify where your business is located and what you have to offer.A responsively designed site changes the navigation and the way it works on each device. It allows a more simple and intuitive way of navigating to the most important information on your website, elevating your user experience and eliminating pinching and zooming frustrations on smaller devices.

Unlike other PHP platforms, CodeIgniter comes with a library of set commands for common functionalities. These set codes can be easily accessed and used, which in turn reduces the development time considerably.It is pre developed meaning that the codes for the frequently used tasks are already stored as a set of commands. These are stored in libraries that are easily accessible to the developer. In fact, the interface through which these codes are available is also very easy to comprehend.This Codeigniter framework is not only popular but is extensively used in this industry. Thus, you can easily find a lot of resources who are skilled as well as very talented to work on any PHP web development project with this comprehensive framework.

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