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Are you looking for a marketing plan to bring up your business? Indian It Group(IIG)  brings you to the Social Media marketing strategy that best suits your business. Our IT professionals and experts provide you the best Social Media Marketing strategy to reach to the larger audience in your market. Our social media experts and designers create attractive content that grabs attention at the very first view. With our Social Media Support, you and your business would make a remarkable position in internet market.

What is Social Media Optimisation

The social media plateforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogging,  YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn have its own Advantages. The essential and most crucial step in using social media for business is to make sure that a strategy is formed, in a similar approach that you create an offline marketing strategy. Using social media platforms and channels effectively to be in touch with your audience can be challenging but, at the same time, amazingly rewarding. Tone of voice, attractive content and how its presentation all need to be pre-defined.

Our Social Media Process

  • Social Media Strategy and Structure
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Social media is where the opportunity is. Moving away from one-way traditional advertising, information travels through communication.

Community building : Social media is a place where individuals look for others sharing their attention and interest. Thus, it is natural and accepted fact that there are many people out there who have certain business requirements and are intermingling with each other. If you can serve their purpose, social media marketing can involve creating communities of such people around your business. This will certainly help you out in building strategic relationships online with prospects, helping them know your services and products. Along with this, you can keep yourself updated with the upcoming and recent developments in the business and take tips from specialists about how to make more profits.

Brand building : The main objective of any social media marketing campaign is to increase the volume of interaction about the brand. The more prospects discuss online about your brand, the greater will be its visibility, acknowledgment and awareness. Therefore, the first step is to keep throwing straightforward and helpful messages to your prospects and existing customers and let them talk about these.

Traffic generation : If your social media content hits the front page of a major video sharing, social news or bookmarking site, this can send a huge amount of traffic to your website. It does not mean the traffic will equate to conversions, but it will produce momentum in the right direction and that means, a significant section of the traffic coming to your site through social media platforms will be recommended by somebody. The Prospects who like your blog or found your presentation exciting may spread the link across their network.

How Social Media Marketing Works

Marketing on social media includes:

  • putting up posts promoting your brand/products on blogs
  • creating profiles of your business on social networking sites
  • creating viral multimedia content and posting it on websites such as YouTube
  • Creating followers to your Twitter page
  • Increasing the likes to your business page trough your fans

Such kind of social media content can get you natural links if bloggers consider it relevant.

To optimise social media, it is important that the services are customised to your business. We here at Indian It Group(IIG)  ensure that the social media marketing strategy is designed on the basis of the unique selling proposition of your business. Also, it takes into account your other requirements, such as target market and business model.