Transport Manegment

Transport Management System

It is amazing how much time we have saved using Transport’s trucking and transportation management software. This is now extra time that we can invest back into our company in the form of; Customer Relations or following up on new business. In our industry we have so much competition it is more important then ever to offer the best services available. TransPort software allows us to be a leader in our field.

 Our Mission

Transport for Windows mission is to bring affordable Windows/Internet based software technology to the trucking industry and thereby allow our customers to participate in building the best transportation management tools available!

Trucking Software has traditionally been available in one of two ways. You could either hire programmers to write custom software to address your specific problems, or you could purchase a program written to meet the general requirements of trucking companies, but not your specific needs. But innovative technology now means that you have a third, much more attractive option. It’s called “Transport for Windows”.

Custom trucking and transportation software can take years to develop, taking thousands of hours of programming, and hundreds of thousands of Rupees before you may reach your goal. There’s no guarantee that you will ever achieve the results you wanted. More often than not the project never reaches completion.

Transport for Windows was developed to be easily modified to suit the various needs of each individual trucking company. Transport can be installed and used, with all the features of the best packaged software available with out any changes. But unlike “packaged” trucking software, you don’t have to live with the program “as-is”. When you reach the limits of it’s usefulness for your way of doing business, Transport for Windows offers you the ability to have the programs modified to fit your needs. To grow and change just as your business grows and changes. So you no longer need to be stuck with a restrictive, rigid trucking software system which does not have any flexibility. Can your customers send you orders for service directly via the internet?

Can your customers receive their own P.O.D.’s via the internet, 24 X 7?

Can customers track their shipments in progress via the internet?

If your answer is no, contact Alexion Technologies for Windows software.

Consignment/GR Booking Software’s

 Validation of GR numbers with pre-printed stationery stocks
 Agent wise booking and agents commission calculation
 Actual and charged weights options
 Predefined freight rates picked from item-destination-rate master
 Paid, To Pay, To Be billed consignments and billing party
 User definable GR expenses like labour, loading, etc.
 Booking analysis in GR, station, consignee, consignor order
 Costing and profitability

Manifest /Dispatch Challan


 Auto pick up of lorry and consignment details
 Partial Dispatch – Short/excess dispatch details
 Crossing/transshipment consignments
 Stock of outward consignments

Lorry Hire/ Way Bill/Freight Memo Softwares

 Complete lorry details in pre-defined lorry master
 Lorry payments schedule and accounting posting
 Consolidation of multiple manifests
 Excess/double payment checks on lorry payment
 Freight paid/unpaid reports

Unloading Software’s

 Lorry arrival and unloading
 Godown Transfer of goods and stock management

Delivery Software’s

  • Delivery of Goods
  • Computerized receipt/gate pass printing
  • Offline Delivery entry of manual gate pass to mark delivery
  • Delivery reports with collection cash, cheque and credit summary

Pre-printed  Management Softwar’s

  • Stock of pre-printed stationery, documents like GR, Challan, Hire-Memo, Money Receipts etc.
  • Automatic updation of stock with head-office, branches, agents and employees
  • Complete control on documents reports of cancelled/ missing documents Consignment Inquiry
  • Multiple Inquiry Tools – Inquiry by GR, Challan, Hire Memo, Gatepass, Private marka, Consignor, Consignee, Number of packages, Weight, Date of booking, etc.
  • Complete upto date transit history and status of any GR on screen Billing
  • Complete billing for To Be Billed consignments
  • Centralized-decentralized billing options i.e. billing by a single branch or multiple branches
  • Freight/Non-freight/Subsidiary billing integrated with accounting
  • Consignor/Consignee or third party billing