android app development

Android is a very rapidly growing operating system (OS) and it’s infrastructure is different to that of Apple’s iPhone (which uses iOS). Android and iPhoneare different in many ways, most prominent that Android is free, open source and used by many different types of phone. Whilst iPhone still have more applications available on their App Store for iPhone owners, Android phones are now outselling iPhones and the number of applications available on Android’s Marketplace is constantly catching up Apple’s App Store.
There are many benefits to Android App Developers when using the Android platform, here are just some:

  • The Android application development process is simple and straight forward, following simple registration you can simply upload and publish applications direct to the consumer for easy download
  • Development on the system involves no major locks, restrictions or complexity to the technology
  • The developers infrastructure is full of useful features and support shared across developers to help the industry move forward
  • Because Android has been adopted by a large number of mobile phone brands it has a vast and broad marketplace…

Because the systems used for developing, launching and marketing applications for Apple (iOS) and Android are different, it is important for you to understand which platform is best for your business. Based on our knowledge of both platforms we can help you decide on the best strategy for developing an application for one or more platforms.

OurAndroid app development Process

Initial discussions

Our primary discussions cover what the app will do, which Android versions to target and any design influences you have. From these discussions we look at how the app could work and how users will interact with the app.


We then produce wireframe mock-ups that are passed back to you for feedback. These wireframes are then transformed into a storyboard of screen mock-ups to demonstrate the app’s screens and the flow between them.


Once you are happy with the storyboard we then start to build the app. Our Android app developers convert the screen designs into a working app, adding the code to “glue” the application together and make it functional.

Approval & Submission to Google Play

Once the app has been built, we take a video capture to show you how it works. Depending on the complexity of the app, we may send you a version of the app that you can run on your own Android device. Once you’re happy and you’ve given your approval, we can begin the app submission process. For more information on the cost, feel free to give us a call or send us an email, we’d love to talk to you!