PHP/mysql Training


The Mission Statement

If you want to learn, but unable to start yet even around of PHP or haven’t got the right place to start, then now is the time! Our mission is to provide quality based PHP, MySQL training so that students can get job offer just after completion of our training program. Why we confident about this? Because our training program has been designed in such a way. We allow you to work directly on Live Project. So no rotation of dummy project like other training institutes.

We pride to provide live Project 6 months Industrial training program for the fresh BCA, BE, B.Tech, MCA students in PHP/MySQL. During this program we allow trainee to work on the Live Industrial Project, which is very helpful to trainee to enhance their skills by working in practical environment after grasping the theoretical. The duration of theoretical sessions will be of 2 months and practical sessions will be of 3 months. The nature of live projects will be developing websites like E-Commerce, CMS, Classified, Affiliate System, Blogs and Forum, Community Sites.

What Is PHP?

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. While other languages, like Javascript, function on the client-side, your PHP code will execute on the server level. It works seamlessly with our HTML. Furthermore, your PHP can be embedded within your HTML and vice versa. The important thing to remember is that, no matter how complicated your PHP is, it will ultimately be output as simple HTML.

Do I need to have any Prior Experience
The candidates seeking admission don’t need to have any prior experience in PHP or .NET, but definitely they should have good knowledge of basic programming languages like C, C++ and SQL (we conduct tests for the Training Program and candidates must score minimum qualifying marks).

Core PHP

  • Foundations of PHP
  • Strings and Single-dimensional Arrays
  • Multidimensional arrays, user-defined functions and form basics
  • Form Processing, Part 1(AJAX BASED)
  • Form Processing, Part 2 (AJAX BASED)
  • Validating and Sending Mail
  • OOP concept in PHP
  • Building complete web applications (practical sessions)
  • Managing errors
  • Handling problematic situations
  • Establishing database connectivity
  • File Uploading

  • Structure of CMS
  • Introduction to Joomla
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Front End
  • Back-End Administrative Functions
  • Site Menu/Help Menu/Menu Manager
  • Managing Contect
  • Components and Modules
  • Forums, comments and Calender
  • Image Gallery and Document Management
  • Install / Uninstall Extensions (VirtueMart)

  • Blogging Basics
  • Types of blogs
  • Manual installation on a web server
  • Understanding the Dashboard
  • Setting up user accounts
  • Elements of a Post
  • Managing Posts, Categories and tags
  • Adding an About page
  • Adding your links
  • Site Design: Themes
  • Adding Functionality and Interactivity to your Blog
  • Marketing your Blog
  • Themes: ‘Under the Hood’

Magento Development Training is designed to teach how to develop theme and extensions for Magento and manage the whole site with Admin efficiently. Participants will be able to implement simple business logic and work with the database and will also be introduced to the Magento API and important system resources and services. This training is for advanced users and site administrators of Magento with at least some knowledge of the PHP language.Overview of the Magento Catalogue

  • Magento Templating System—Architecture and Components
  • Working with Themes
  • Recommended Approach to Customizing
  • Back-End Administrative Functions
  • Working with Page Templates, Layouts, and Block Templates
  • Creating Your Own Default Theme