Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Website Analysis
Website analysis is the first process that is done by our SEO experts. We first analyse your complete website in order to find any on page optimization inaccuracy or errors. Along with this, we also analyse your Web Pages whether they are optimized or not and figure out about the broken links.

Keyword Research
Keyword research is the most important process in the SEO strategy. Our SEO experts find out the most excellent and best keywords that match your website requirement. We research different types of keyword that can help to increase your ranking in Google and can benefit your business. This step will decide on which keywords your Website will come on the first page of Google.

Competitive Analysis
The Competitive analysis is the other most important phase of SEO strategy. Competitive analysis includes a complete study of your competitor’s website in order to find out why your competitor website is coming on Top results on Google. We analyze their Meta tag like title, keyword and descriptive tag in order to find a way that will help to make your website on the top pages of search engines.

SEO Strategy Formulation
SEO strategy formulation is also a very crucial process by which we decide how your website SEO should start. SEO strategy depends upon your website. If your on page optimization is good then we can start with off page-optimization and if on page is not optimized than we first start with your pages of the website and then go to OFF page optimization. So, it all depends upon your website and hence we will adopt a useful SEO strategy or SEO planning.

Search Engine Friendly Design
The top ranking Business websites in Search Engines are SEO friendly. SEO friendly means that Google or any other search engine are able to crawl your website .In order to make your website Search engine friendly, we do different types of work on your website like improving your navigation URL, Remove any broken links etc.

Search Engine Optimization
Modern search engine optimization is all about social media marketing. Our SEO experts take your website to the best social platforms or social networks so that you can have plenty of exposure and Google or search engine follow ups. With one way and mutual link building, your website tends to have better visibility in the search engine indexing. Our SMO services drive greater internet traffics; betters your brand value and makes a distinct image!

Local Search Optimization
Local search optimization means your website is accessible by the prospects of your city, state and your country. Local search Engine plays an important role in order to get traffic from your city, state and Country. It helps to promote your Business locally. Hence more and more people will find out who you are and what your business is.

Monitor and Adjust
Monitor and adjust is the important task in the SEO strategy. We inspect your websites in order To find out any faults that can occur at any time. Hence our SEO Experts are always ready to resolve that problem. We also make Reports about your website performance on search engine and time to time we note down.

Our SEO Experts make reports on your website performance on weekly, monthly basis. So that you can know your website ranking is improved while we are doing our Search engine optimization. It will help you to know the improvement and increase the visibility of your website in search engines.

We here in Indian It Group(IIG) provide maintenance of your website for the long run. Maintenance is the important factor when the SEO is done on a website. It ensures that your website ranks maintain on search engines. Maintenance may include an addition of a website and optimize that page to get more traffic to your website.